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High-Technologies Supplier
Thursday, 18 July


UniFi, NanoStation, PicoStation, PowerStation, NanoBridge, Rocket


Ubiquity Products are versatile open architecture solutions designed for outdoor use. The products work under the control of an advanced operating system Air OS, which is equipped with both a complex and at the same time intuitive user interface. This can be used as an AP, Bridge, PMP Station or a Mesh networking client.

They have a lot of unique features such as 5/10/20MHz Channel Width regulations,  802.11e QoS (WMM), VLAN / 802.1q pass-through and Ipsec pass-through, download/upload, PPPoE client and advanced router. Another feature is SDK (Software Development Kit) - a developer tool kit which enables tools to be modified and adjusted to your own needs.

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