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Wednesday, 21 October

EDGE-CORE Products

Edge-corE is a trademark established in 2004 which belongs to a famous Taiwanese company Accton Technology Corp.- one of the world's largest manufacturers of network devices. The aim of bringing in a new trademark was to provide the customer a high scalable and reliable integrated network platforms.
Manufacturing the Edge-corE products is a comprehensive process starting with design, then manufacturing and developing own software platform, ending with detailed testing. Thanks to Accton's years of experience, functionality and efficiency of their devices matches best brands available on market. For such reasons Edge-CorE has became one of a leading supllier of network solutions.

Edge-corE offer includes:
  • modular switches
  • managed layer 2 switches
  • managed layer 3 switches
  • wireless devices
  • VPN routers
  • VoIP devices
  • HomePlug devices
  • managing software
  • backup power supllies to work with their swithes

Manufacturer's website: http://www.edge-core.com