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Self-adhesive insulation tapes#05856

Insulating tape, black, heat resistant, max 125 degree C

Insulating tape, black, heat resistant, length 33 m.

For solid and spiral taping of wire harnesses, in particular engine compartment wire harnesses.
Carrier specially formulated plasticized PVC film
Adhesive acrylic
Thickness 0.15 mm
Widths 19 mm
Tensile strength 22 N/mm2
Elongation at break 220%
Adhesion on steel 2.2 N/cm
Breakdown voltage > 40 kV/mm
Temperature range -40 up to 105 degree C (max 125 degree C for 1000 hours)
Properties and advantages:
For insulating points exposed to high termal loading.
Repairing of damaged insulation.
Taping of cable ends and branchings.
Stripping of armatures and coils.
Flame retardant oad resistant to ageing.
Very good resistance to chemicals.
Very good resistance and flexibility at low temperatures.
Resistant to motor vehicle operating fluids.
Solvent - free.
Low - emission.

Net Price: 2.02 USD  Unit: roll 33m
Minimal order quantity: 2 x roll 33m
Quantity in the smallest collective package: 1 x roll 33m
x roll 33m
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Self-adhesive insulation tapes
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