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Opto 22 manufactures hardware and software products that link all kinds of electrical, mechanical, and electronic devices and machines to networks and computers.

Opto 22 controllers, I/O (input and output modules), solid-state relays, and software are used for industrial automation, remote monitoring, data acquisition, and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

Opto 22 products make it possible for you to use your normal business computer systems to monitor, control, and get data from all the devices and machines that are important to your business.

Opto 22 products translate the data between computers and other machines. This translation works easily and inexpensively because Opto 22 designs its products to run on non-proprietary communication standards like Ethernet and the Internet Protocol (IP).

Atel Electronics is a distributor of Opto 22 products in Poland.


SNAP PAC System I/O Controllers Software Accessories Solid State Relays


Opto 22's SNAP PAC System is an integrated system of hardware and software for industrial control, remote monitoring, and data acquisition applications.


Analog, digital, and serial Input/output (I/O) modules, I/O processors (brains), mounting racks, power supplies for I/O, and packaged systems.
Opto 22 I/O is famous for its reliability.

Most modules are guaranteed for life.


Programmable automation controllers for remote monitoring, control, and data acquisition. Also power supplies and adapter cards used with controllers.
Opto 22 controllers can monitor simple devices or automate an entire factory.


Develop control software, create human-machine interfaces (HMIs), connect to OPC clients, configure I/O, or develop your own custom software to communicate with our hardware.

For firmware, see Support - Downloads - Firmware.


Operator terminals,
DIN-rail kits, cables and breakout boards, adapter cards, tools, and spare parts for your Opto 22 system.

Solid State Relays

Optically isolated SSRs of all types.

We invented them, and ours are still the best.